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Lieutenant Leland Hawksley

Name Leland Hawksley

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 183 Lbs.
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At 38, Medical Records indicate that Lieutenant JG Hawksley is in top health, both physically and mentally. He sports an average percentage of muscle deposits on his 6'2" tall frame. Leland has trimmed dark hair. When left, it can grow longer. He shaves almost every day and is left with a 5 O'clock shadow at the end of a grueling science shift.

Leland has a tattoo on his left shoulder blade. He has a scar on his left pectoral being stabbed in a Breen attack. The scar resulted from improper medical treatment.

2388 - Left Occular Implant - V 4.2 - Advanced Retroceptive Analytic Prosthetic.

(Indistinguishable characteristic) - Loss of left eye due to stabbing in the eye during bar fight with a Nausicaan.


Spouse Married to Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Children Lilliana Vail is currently pregnant with their child.
Father Daniel Hawksley (67)
Mother Alice Hawksley (63)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family None in Contact

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mr. Hawksley is a complicated man. However, that is what everyone is and to be celebrated within the Federation. Hawksley is pleasant, friendly, and willing to talk about anything while off shift. It is apparent that Helm and Flight Control is his main interest. Hawksley is like a hawk. Always on the lookout for new and exciting scientific insights. As such, he is a perfectionist. Leland endeavors to learn as much as he can with his service to the Federation. When he is off shift, Hawksley can be found checking up on the Tomcat's status, regardless of the assistant helm officer.

Lieutenant JG Hawksley needs the holodeck to de-stress at least once a month. His vice is an alcohol binge, on a sun-drenched beach in the Bahamas, Earth, Jamaica. Some raving is also required. Mr. Hawksley is kind and caring when the moment requires. He will stop working and address issues his coworkers experience. Helping his coworkers be their best allows helm operations to flourish as a team. That is who Leland is. He is a team player and a leader for Helm and Navigation projects.

It has been noted that Hawksley won't tolerate subordination or any attitude from a crewman who doesn't act within a team framework. Mr. Hawksley has a passion for hockey outside of his Chief Helm Officer role. He studies hockey, watches hockey, and plays hockey. He often works out to keep fit and active in the ship's gymnasium. Hawksley enjoys the fact that he can feel better eating a vegan diet. It is of this Psychologist's opinion that Hawksley is a valuable long-termed asset to the Federation with his accumulated service and experience. He is stable and has a strong emotional IQ.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Leland has extensive Federation Academy education and experience in languages, training, and technical abilities relating to Helm Logistics and Emergency Contingencies.

Having served numerous assignments, Leland developed communication and people skills, analytical problem solving, and planning skills.

Mr. Hawksley possesses qualities attributed, such as dependable, flexible, friendly, working hard, expressive, formal, punctual, and being a team player.


Mr. Hawksley can be impatient. He believes that teamwork should flow smoothly, steadfast, and efficient. He will not tolerate delays.

Sometimes he can let his emotions show such as anger, annoyance, or anxiety over a situation.

Alcohol, Cigarettes, Cigars
Ambitions Leland Hawksley has considerable ambitions in life.

So far on his bucket list, Leland has learned rock climbing, camped in the Arctic to see the Northern Lights, learned to play the classical guitar, and become a cook. He enjoys humor, making people laugh. He would like to do stand up comedy more often as a hobby.

Leland is currently learning to fly a classic Spitfire from Earth's WWII era. He wants to publish an article on science field dynamics in a federation tactical journals.
Hobbies & Interests Hawksley's interests lie in the astrophysics and navigational realm of Starfleet. When he is not on the bridge, Leland is passionate about keeping his body healthy and is in the Gym early at 0500 Hours every morning before his shift. Hawksley has a five-year-old holographic Golden Retriever who lives with him in his quarters named "Zeus." Classical movies, modern music in the 24th century are other hobbies of Leland. He enjoys dancing when he has had a few alcoholic drinks with friends. Hockey, Mountain Biking, Snow Boarding, Fly-Fishing, Cooking, Classic Cars, Science Journals, and History reading are Leland's hobbies.


Personal History Leland Hawksley was born in the year 2355 on New Mars Colony. He was born a happy and healthy child weighing 7.5 Lbs. (3.5 kg) to Human parents Michael Hawksley (67 years old), Federation Council Politician, North American Regional, Toronto, Canada, Earth, Sole System, UFP. Leland's Mother, Holly Hawksley (63 years old), Clothing Designer, Paris, France, Earth, Sole System, UFP.

A happy child, Leland had a keen ability to determine objects, faces, and form memories at an accelerated rate over his preschool cohorts. Hawksley often pointed to panda bears in photos and stuffed animals. So much so, his parents had a Zoo pass to see the Panda Exhibit regularly. Hawksley would bounce and hop repeatedly watching the pandas in their habitat. At the age of seven, in the year 2362, Leland entered the first grade in Sir Vincent Massey Elementary School. Hawksley impressed his many teachers, making fabulous multi-colored paintings with his thumbs and fingers. He had great ability, remarked his first-grade Teacher, Mrs. Lecour, that Hawksley was able to identify similar pictograms of Vulcans, Andorians, and Humans. He colored Vulcans brown, Andorians Green, and Humans pink with his markers.

Growing up fast, Hawksley moved forward from Elementary to Highschool. Leland entered Widdifield Secondary High School in the year 2369. A talented young man, aged 14, Hawksley excelled at High School sports. Leland joined and excelled in both the junior debaters club, sciences club, soccer, and football teams. His marks were outstanding, as he always studied every day for hours after school. His parents were instrumental in ensuring that Hawksley received the best education.

At the age of 18, Hawksley was in his senior year of Advanced High School. His interests at this time were pointing towards a career in Starfleet. The young man had a knack solving problems associated with linear and theoretical mathematics. He had applied in his Senior year to join the Starfleet Academy Flight Mechanics and Navigation institute the following graduation year. In the summer of 2373, Mr. Leland attended many house parties, pit fires, and watched the stars.

That summer, Hawksley had grown into a young man. He had learned to respect a fellow lover and understood what it meant to be a best friend to someone in need. He developed the values of empathy and hard work. His first job was spent as a junior ranger at a Provincial Park on Earth.

Service Record

Service Record Cadet Cruise

USS Dresden NCC - 78202 - Cadet Cruise - Crewman (23 Years – Graduated 2377)

Other ships served:

USS Harbinger - NCC – 81910 – Assistant Helm Logistics and Support (Cadet JG > Cadet ) (3 Years) (Age 24, the Year 2378)

USS Trenton – NCC – 17309 – Helm Officer (Senior Cadet ) (3 Years)(Age 27, the Year 2381)

USS Barrington – NCC – 17801 – Navigatioinal Control and Logistics Officer (Senior Cadet > Ensign JG ) (4 Years)(Age 30, the Year 2385)

USS Cape Town - NCC - 18502 – Assistant Helm & Craft Officer ( Ensign JG )(2 Years)(Age 34, the Year 2387)

USS Falklands - NCC - 17302 – Assistant Helm & Craft Officer (Ensign SG > Lieutenant JG)(2 Years) (Age 36, the Year 2389)

USS Harrington – NCC – 18909 – Chief Helm Officer (Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant JG) (1 Year) (Age 38, the Year 2392)

USS Tomcat – NCC – 62114 – Chief Helm Officer (Lieutenant JG) (Age 39, Current Year 2393)

Simming History

Years Simming 12