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Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair

Name Jane Elisabeth Sinclair MD, DVM

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 2”
Weight 116 lbs
Hair Color Dyed Blue
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jane Sinclair is quite short and petite. She keeps her hair long and likes to dye the ends a bright colour, sometimes purple or green but lately has preferred departmental blue. She speaks with the accent of rural Vega Colony, which is similar to the accent found in midlands England.

Medical profile:
Vega Colony's gravity is slightly higher than Earth's, which gives her a slightly more dense bones and muscle. She resists broken bones a bit more than most Humans. She had surgery to remove her appendix as a child, but otherwise no serious injuries or illnesses.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Michael Sinclair
Mother Elisabeth Sinclair (née Bennett)
Brother(s) Nathan Sinclair -- younger brother
Sister(s) Victoria Carrington (née Sinclair) -- older sister
Other Family James Carrington -- brother-in-law
Heather Carrington -- niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview A compassionate, lifelong learner who wants nothing more than to serve her shipmates and those living on the frontier.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Passionate about her work, especially her veterinary work.
+Close with her family and friends.
+Very friendly
+Cool under pressure when the situation absolutely calls for it.

-Hates conflict, and would prefer to avoid all confrontation.
-Not cool under pressure when life isn't on the line.
-Passes Starfleet fitness tests, but barely. Despite knowing the importance of exercise, she neglects it.
-Not exactly self conscious about her height, but gets annoyed when people remark upon it or underestimate it her for it.
Ambitions Jane is a lifelong learner, and wants to continue her education while serving in her post as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Though she hasn't found a subject worthy of a third doctorate, she wants to learn anything and everything she can in the life sciences. The most recent thing she’s begun learning is massage therapy.
Hobbies & Interests During her downtime, Jane loves a good book. Her focus lately has been nonfiction works on the history of medical or scientific fields. She also enjoys playing games of all types with her friends; though she is not particularly skilled at most athletics, she still has fun playing them.

Jane also enjoys cooking. As a veterinarian, she appreciates the work that goes into keeping animals healthy enough to bring to market, and respects the animal for its sacrifice in keeping her fed. She loves to learn the cuisine of different cultures, and occasionally tries to bring them together.

Jane loves music. She plays the piano very well and has a nice singing voice.

She doesn't care much for particularly dangerous situations. She loathes the adrenaline rush that comes with flying too fast or being scared. On duty, she will push through it to get things done, but she'd just as soon avoid it while off duty. She also has no desire to get into a fight or confrontation.

She also dislikes spending time in the gym or other fitness facilities. She does enjoy swimming though, and walking outdoors.

Languages Known:
English, French, Vega Colony Creole/Patois


Personal History Jane Elisabeth Sinclair was born in 2360 on Vega IX, more commonly called Vega Colony. Her family lived on a farm, though her parents were both geneticists. Most farm work was done by machines or skilled labourers, while her family's contribution was in developing new breeds of plants and even animals that are more productive, calorific, and nutritious. She grew up steeped in the biological sciences, but ended up being more fascinated with human and animal health over molecular biology. At age 13, she began an apprenticeship with the Colony's medical and veterinary staff, where she got significant insight into the practice of medicine. In one particularly busy week, she helped deliver a newborn human and a newborn calf, both of which involved complicated pregnancies.

Given that the population of Vega was largely human, her first experience with the health of a nonhuman sentient came at age 16, when an Andorian transport stopped at Vega IX with several wounded crewmembers. She saw firsthand all the ways that treating aliens could be identical to treating humans or animals, and all the ways that it differed significantly. The same drug that might be appropriate for one could kill another, a truth she was faced with when one of the Colony's doctors accidentally prescribed the wrong thing, nearly killing one of the Andorians. This notion fascinated her further, and helped influence her decision to practice medicine in space.

The event that solidified her decision to practice medicine in space happened when she was 17, when two rogue Cardassian ships attacked Vega Colony, killing dozens and severely damaging the colony's infrastructure. A Starfleet vessel managed to chase off the Cardassians and beamed down medical support staff. It was her first real disaster. She did her best to help while staying out of people's way. Her instructors told her she was great under pressure and urged her to join Starfleet. In truth, she was terrified, but managed to bottle that pressure up and release it only when it was safe to do so.

She decided to pursue her education in the civilian sector first. She obtained a Bachelor of Sciences in Exobiology at University of Cochrane on Proxima Centauri II, followed by a doctorate in veterinary medicine from University of Ancient Grace on Rigel IV. At age 25, she joined Starfleet Medical Academy, whereupon she earned her doctorate in humanoid medicine.

At age 30, Jane was given a commission and the rank of Ensign and assigned to intern aboard USS Minerva (Aegian-class), learning under the CMO, Dr. Alice Rios. During this time, she was involved in the rescue of the crew of a ship destroyed by Orion pirates and helped stop a plague that affected the agriculturally important animals on New Hague. This experience reaffirmed her desire to practice medicine, including veterinary medicine, in space. In particular, she felt a lot of pride in helping Federation colonists thrive on the frontier.

In 2394, her internship completed, Dr. Jane Sinclair accepted an assignment as Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard USS Tomcat, [as well as a promotion to Lieutenant jg.]

Service Record

Service Record 237809.01 to 238204.30: Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Cochrane on Proxima Centauri II
238209.01 to 238504.30: Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ancient Grace on Rigel IV
238509.01 to 239004.30: Doctorate of Humanoid Medicine and Commission, Starfleet Medical Academy on Earth

239005.01 to 239406.30: Internship, USS Minerva (Ensign)

239407.01 to present: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Tomcat (Lieutenant jg)

Simming History

Date When Started Simming 2018
Years Simming 3