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Ensign Teton

Name Teton

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 4 inches
Weight 90kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark blue
Physical Description Teton is tall and has blue skin. Like most Andorians he has two antenna and grows his hair long so it covers his ears.

He has a muscular frame with powerful legs. Good upper body strength and powerful arms. Very rarely smiles. Apart from his eye brows he has no other facial hair.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kalon ( Deceased )
Mother Morah ( deceased )
Brother(s) Haro 34 ( Occupation classified )
Other Family One Uncle Gath ( Occupation Classified )

Personality & Traits

General Overview Teton is one of those people who always seems to be around. But so little is known about him.He is very guarded about his family history. Especially how his parents died.

He keeps his personal business to himself. But get in trouble and he will have your back. Loyal to his crew mates. Does not make friends easily. But if you do become his friend. He is a guy you can count on.If trouble comes to tea without an invite.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:- Loyal to his crewmates. A good friend to have. Calm and logical in a tricky situation. Dry sense of humour.

Weaknesses:- Can appear to be cold and secretive to strangers. Bad temper when he lets his guard down. Does not talk about family.
Ambitions Outwardly none. But in secret will one day get revenge on his brother and uncle for death of his parents.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:-

Likes to paint. Mostly landscapes. Is very good at it.


Pre 20th century classic Earth Music. Loves Chopin and Vivaldi.


Personal History Early years:-

Teton grew up on Andoria. His father was a member of the Andorian Imperial Guard. His mother was an assistant to her brother ( his uncle ) who was a member of the Imperial Council. Teton was always fighting with his older brother Haro. In his seventh year of life one of his antenna was nearly sliced off in a fight with his brother.

It was decided the children needed to be separated before someone died. Haro was sent away to an Imperial backed boarding school. Something his older brother was not happy over. After that the brothers rarely spoke to each other. When Haro came home for the holidays. But as they got older this would take a much darker turn.

Education & teen years:-

Taton attended one of the most prestigious schools on Andoria. From the very beginning he was picked out as a good scholar. Although this may of been due to his family connections with the Imperial guard and council. This made many of his fellow students wary of him. So he had virtually no friends. But as he was more interested in his school work. It did not really bother him.

He excelled at hand to hand combat. Also at painting and art. History interested him as well. But science and math bored him.

However by the time he turned 19. His life was about to change.

An assassination attempt had been planned on the Andorian chancellor but failed due to the perpetrators be unearthed by Tetons uncle. Even his mother was implicated in the plot.In shame she committed suicide or so it seemed. Later he discovered that she was killed by his uncle. For discovering he was also involved in the plot. But changed his allegiance at the last minute and betrayed his co-conspirators.

His father returned to Andoria to get to the truth and was killed by his eldest son Haro. Who had become fiercely loyal to their uncle. For their actions during the purge of the conspirators Tatons uncle and older brother were given new and powerful jobs. In the Andorian Imperial Society.

Taton knew his life would be forfeit should he ever return home. So he fled as far away from Andoria as he could. But vowed one day to return and get revenge on his brother and uncle.

He worked on various planets mostly as hired muscle. Until a job on Earth landed him in hospital. It was there he formed a rare friendship with another patient. Who turned out to be a retired Starfleet officer. They told him all about being on a Star ship and being an officer in Starfleet. Sadly the person passed away. But Taton interest had been primed. So once he was released Taton applied to join Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy:-

Taton feared he would not be accepted. But thanks to a drive to enroll more non-humans to Starfleet he was. Although the recruiting officer did not think he would last long. Due to his insistence to only pick security as his one choice of department.

His freshman year at the Academy did not go well. His grades were very low and his habit of being a loner did not endear him to his fellow cadets and tutors. However, there was an accident on a training exercise. Where his quick thinking saved the lives of his fellow classmates. This changed things quite dramatically. Taton received a commendation.

After that with the help of his classmates. Taton started to do well at the academy. Even though he did not like the subject. Taton did quite well in Science. But his favourite was of course Security. A goodly martial arts and firearms he graduated with acceptable grades.

Service Record

Service Record 2326:Joined Starfleet academy.
2330: Graduated
2330: Mars utopia planitia shipyards security section.
2333 Transferred to USS Tomcat as Security officer

Simming History

Date When Started Simming Sometime in 90’s
Years Simming 11 years..ish
List of Previous Fleets SB118