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The Stress of Leadership

Posted on 07 Feb 2022 @ 10:01pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd


"Computer begin recording a Personal Log."...

The computer chimed and that let Remy know he could start is log recording.

"I am acting captain of the Tomcat. I am beside myself as I never expected to be the acting captain. Captain Somers was kidnapped and Colonel Somers was ordered to lead a SAR team to find her and bring her home.

I am to lead this mission to 569701-D and I really should be on the away team but as acting captain, protocol is for me to remain on the ship. I have Commander Cahill as the overall lead and Second Lieutenant Falk is the next in command. I am terrified that Winchester will mess things up and get the team in trouble. I also sent my Chief Engineer and her deputy chief both on the mission as I need engineers to make any federation technology inert if they can't remove it from the surface. I have Lieutenant Lee and Lieutenant Silver for the scientific aspects and then Kildare for back up to remove tech or to defuse a situation if needed.

I am going to send out a small science team to survey the system and collect data of the system and see about getting the Federation involved in this sector.

I am hoping all I am doing is worthwhile for my mission and that once the Colonel returns with Captain Somers, I hope things can get back to some sense of normal. I long for my Imzadi but she is not coming back. I have thought to become celibate but the urges are deep so I may have to find a means to let them out but not with a crew member involved with any other crew member. I can't live with that guilt any more.

Well, I better get back to my command making decisions. I only hope I am doing good like Captain Somers would do."

"Computer End Personal Log and Save."

The Computer chimed to let Remy know it was finished.



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