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Report of the Deputy CMO

Posted on 30 Apr 2022 @ 1:37pm by Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM
Edited on 01 Jun 2022 @ 6:38pm


Deputy Chief Medical Officer's Log, stardate 239502.07.

Mission success. Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers is alive and back aboard the ship. The surgical time was ten hours and twenty-two minutes. I relieved the rest of my staff as we were finishing up; the new shift took over getting the Captain comfortable.

I've ordered 15cc metorapan every two hours for pain management and a drip of 2cc axonal every hour until 0830 to help her sleep. We'll wean her off the metorapan in the morning, reducing the dose to 10cc every three hours at 0900 and 5cc every four hours at 1800. From there, we can cease treatment if she's feeling okay. We'll administer more axonal if she needs help sleeping, dose to be determined.

I've also ordered broad-spectrum antibiotics, a full course.

Ordering follow-up by Counselor Arderne, with initial meeting tomorrow at 1200 in sickbay, or one hour after patient wakes up, whichever is later. Consultation with Counselor Arderne immediately thereafter to determine a follow-up plan.

SAR mission medkit signed over to Medtech Sh'ezohla. She has assured me that all medical supplies brought on the SAR mission would be decontaminated, inspected, maintained, and returned to stores by tomorrow 1600.

I've officially submitting an objection to the wrongful death of the criminal known as "The Apostate" at the hands of Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers. Lieutenant Colonel Somers seems to think it's justified given the circumstances, but that isn't for us to decide. I do expect any inquiry will result in Fleet Captain Somers being found not at fault, but it's important that the analysis be done. She's a Starfleet Officer, and tortured or not, we're expected to live up to a higher standard. My official statement on the matter can be found in file A-2395-000731-D. I'll be performing an autopsy tomorrow.

End log.



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