'Smart Ass' Makes An Entry

Posted on 01 Jun 2022 @ 8:40am by Lieutenant Leland Hawksley


“Computer Personal Log – Lieutenant Leland Hawksley, Chief Engineer USS Tomcat. “

“Entry 0401-4 Encrypt. Leland L4.” Hawksley leaned back to the sofa. Seated beside him was Hercules.

He toyed with the remote, watching the latest Federation Football Game. Lilliana had got Leland on to the British Premier League since he was more a North American sports guy. But football or Soccer, as he knew it was very entertaining and exciting to watch.

Glancing from the live gameplay out of Liverpool, England, Earth, UFP., Hawksley nursed a small whiskey tumbler on ice. Enjoying as the ice diluted the liquid, he set it down. Pausing. “So. I had a situation on this planet: Planet 569701-D or Arth as it’s known. I met; we met the team. Mazal and the Counsellor attended a local ritual.” He furrowed. “Funny. How fast you can meet someone in the Arth society and then trust them as much to try and make them mate for your offspring well being. At least. That was happening at a ceremony, a ritual that I attended.” He cleared his throat.

Leaning back to the comfy Starfleet sofa, his larger forearms splayed along the sides of the L-shaped sectional. ~*Hawker. Hawk. Talking. He talked about himself…. Computer*~ The AI Hercules interrupted; his voice relayed through his AI translator. The Semi sentient being was also a hologram; Hercules was Leland’s oldest best friend. An image. But more than an image to him.

“Some peculiar feelings happened. I felt that they, the Arth inhabitants, Granger, and Ginger wanted me and the Lt. Commander Falk to well… Falk.” He snorted with that joke, half not believing it to be accurate.

“Mazal and I have a strong friendship. We express this, which makes it comfortable for us to be around each other. Sure, everyone gets Married. Everyone has a soul mate. Mazal is not my Soul Mate; maybe in another life. An alternative reality.

Shouldn’t I have to justify to myself my feelings? Why. I know I love Lilli; without a heartbeat, I would be in a burning building to save her and my child if were the need. That’s what a husband does, besides make love. They thrive together. I thrive with Lilli. She sees the wonder that can be met, and she makes me feel like the most muscular, most brilliant man in the room.”

“Ok. Ok. Where did I place smart in there? Lilli makes me feel that I am the strongest, but I can be the smartest. That’s better.” Leland corrected his recording.

“Our love life is vibrant. Our Sex. Our. Sex. Is bar none.” He knew this to be true. They worked well together in the bedroom.

~*Smart Ass. Smart. Leland makes jokes. Smart Ass. *~ Hercules AI piped up from the other side of the sofa.

“Hey. What I’d say about quit calling me that. Smartass. You picked that up off Lilli, didn’t you?” He snorted and wrinkled his eye at Hercules. “You’re a smart ass for thinking that I’m a smart ass!” He stuck his tongue at his best AI friend.

~*Smart Assssssss Aasssssssss-*~ Hercules taunted, a flap of his golden retriever tail on the couch intoned that he was anxiously in thought.

“Ok. Well. It looks like I need to get something going for dinner. Lilli will be home from her Medic Shift, and I want to make my maple glazed trout with asparagus.”

~*Trrrr Trrrrr Ouuttttt Trrr out. *~

“Ok. Well. It looks like my recording for this day is complete.” Leland furrowed his brows at Hercules and chuckled. “Yes. You’re going to get a piece too, my friend! Don’t worry.” He got up and stretched high up, almost able to fingertips his own quarter’s ceiling height.