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Posted on 24 May 2022 @ 10:47pm by 1st Lieutenant Mazal Falk & 2nd Lieutenant Thoran Shon
Edited on on 01 Jun 2022 @ 1:18pm

Mission: S03 Ep 04 Captive State (Incidental)
Location: XO's Office/holo-suite
Timeline: Before the away mission


Mazal was in her office going over paperwork and came across another new person who had arrived. She contemplated his file and then decided to call him in. 2nd Lieutenant Thoran Shon, it would do well for her to get to know him. Mazal tapped on her comm badge.

=/\=Lieutenant Shon, would you report to the Marine XO's office.=/\= and then Mazal waited for his arrival.

Thoran had just finished cleaning and stowing his rifle when the call came =/\=On my way ma'am.=/\= He finished putting his things away, grabbed his uniform jacket tossing it on as he made his way down the corridor. Once arriving at the Lieutenant's office he pressed the chime and waited to be called in.

"Enter!" Mazal called out, rising from behind the desk and moving towards the replicator to make some tea, she ordered some green tea with lemon and a splash of honey. "Would you like something to drink, Lieutenant?" looking over her shoulder towards Shon.

"Water...Chilled," Thoran said as he entered and took a seat. He reached out and took the chilled glass, sipping its contents, "So what can I do for you, Lieutenant?"

"I wanted to make a point in meeting those who are here on the Tomcat. I've not been here for long myself so am just getting orientated in getting to know people. I noticed that you are newly arrived. How did you like the orientation?"
Mazal took a seat and then sipped her tea.

"It was alright I guess." Thoran thought back to his meeting on the starbase. "If I'm being honest ma'am I was ready to get off the station and into the action."

Mazal nodded, "I don't blame you, the station is nice for some RnR but we're the sort that needs a bit of action due to our training. I had wanted to be a part of a rescue mission, but Commander Dodd needed people for his mission. And they did have enough people. Hope things are going well on that mission." a contemplative expression surfaced, and then she asked. "Are you all up to date on your EV suit?"

Thoran nodded, "Yes ma'am. Although I'd rather fight my opponent with solid ground under my feet." Taking another sip of his drink Thoran thought for a moment before speaking, "Ma'am, who would you say is the best marksman in the ninety-fifth?"

Mazal looked at Thoran for a few moments as her mind went through the listings, realizing that she hadn't gone through to see who had the best scores. As it was, to be in the ninety-fifth you had to have accuracy in what you did.

Mazal then smiled, "That would be me, Lieutenant." giving a slight smirk then she chuckled. "Honestly though, I have to put our people through their paces in order to see who is the best shot. All a part of getting to know everyone's strengths and weaknesses."

A small thin smile formed on Thoran's mouth, "Well ma'am, how would you feel about a little shooting competition?"

"Just a shooting contest? Or would you like to show me what you've got, Lieutenant?" Mazal's smile broadened to a grin and a playful challenge in her eyes. "I've been sitting at the desk too long and it's time to get a little bit of exercise." the Marine XO rising up from her chair.

Thoran rose from his chair as well, "Nothing too difficult. Say stalking in on a target through one thousand meters of dense brush controlled by the enemy, taking your shot and then stalking back out all without being detected?"

Mazal took a long look at Shon as if to get a read on him, "I am thinking that this will not be a walk in the park. I like that fact." she headed out of her office, towards the holo-suite.

- Holo-suite -

Thoran was the first to enter the room and began to bring up the program, "Hope you are ok getting a little dirty ma'am. This particular program generates a random target with random terrain." He turned to face the Lieutenant with a sly smile, "It is one of my favourites."

"If I hated getting dirty, then I'm in the wrong profession." Mazal responded with a raised eyebrow. "Then again, dirt is such a great exfoliator it would explain my vibrant good looks," she added with a wink, giving a light laugh. "Seriously though, in truth, I don't mind grubbing around in the dirt, so let's see what comes up in your program. "

"Well," Thoran began as he read the conditions of the contest on the display, "It looks like we will be stalking through two hundred meters of Jem'Hadar before having to take a shot at a Vorta from at least one hundred fifty meters. Then stalking back out."

Mazal nodded, "They are tough depending on hopped up they are on their ketracel white. " she grinned, "Should be a walk in the park for you and I."

Thoran chuckled, "Shall we flip a coin or shall ladies go first?"

"Flip a coin, makes things equal." Then she paused. "Well maybe not, it depends on whom Lady luck will favour." then Mazal laughed. "And she could bring in Murphy Law as her date."

Thoran tossed a coin in the air, "Heads I go, tails you go." He watched the coin as it gracefully landed back in his hand before flipping it over onto his opposite hand. "Looks like I'm going," he said with a grin. "Computer one ghillie suite and TR-116 rifle." As the items materialized Thoran turned one last time, "Be back shortly Lieutenant."

Thoran dove headfirst into the brush quickly disappearing, landing on his stomach then began to crawl on his stomach. He did not have to begin with a low crawl but knew he would end up doing it anyway so might as well start early. He easily avoided the outer patrols of the Jem'Hadar, they tended to space their outer patrols out far enough to slip by. About thirty minutes after he had initially entered the brush, Thoran had found the perfect place to take his shot from. It offered elevation, cover, and a clear line of sight into the camp. The only downside was that the Jem'Hadar had seemed fit to place marksmen of their own on the spot.

The program began to transition to night as Thoran made his way, as stealthily as he could, onto the rock formation. He noted the Jem'Hadar sniper team, one thing they had in common with the marines was teams operated in twos. "Easy enough," he barely mumbled as he drew his long triangular bladed knife from its sheath on his belt. Flipping it around in his hand, point down, he stole onto the flat portion of the rocks quickly sliding his knife between the neck plates and into the artery of the first Jem'Hadar. Reacting quickly, Thoran withdrew his knife from the first soldier's neck and in a single motion sliced the ketracel-white tube and slid the knife into the throat of the second soldier all without making a sound.

Thoran moved the bodies out off to the side and took up position looking through his scope for his target. He did not have to look long as the Vorta in command walked out of a building barking orders at his troops. Calculations began to run through Thoran's head as he began to adjust his aim. He would only have one shot, literally, at this and he had to get it right. His calculations complete, he began his breathing exercise to slow his heart rate down. The moment finally arrived as the Vorta was standing stationary looking down at a map. One, Thoran began counting his heartbeats and taking a deep breath. Two, a second deep breath as he made his final adjustments. Three, a third deep breath. This one however he only let out half of the air in his lungs before squeezing the trigger. The round exploded out of the barrel and began its trek across the sky to it's target. Thoran let out the rest of the air in his lungs just as the round made an impact right in the centre of the Vorta's chest.

Thoran stood up as the program reset and made his way over to Lieutenant Falk, "Well ma'am what did you think?"

Falk had a bit of a contemplative look, she had been watching the whole proceeding and was impressed. "That was indeed rather impressive. You do have your skills." she rubbed her chin, "I could go through that scenario or... we can try finding each other. Or..." she looked at him with a slight smile. "If you have any other ideas."

Thoran returned the smile, "I shall leave that decision in your very capable hands."

Mazal thought for a few moments, then said, "Okay could do a derivative of steal the flag. One, we need to get to the flag two, we are opposing each other. The first one to get to the flag will have dinner bought for them. The catch is this, said the person who gets the flag will have to make sure they get from there to the safe zone. Without being captured. So... If you get the flag before me, I have to stop you. And visa versa."

Thoran could not help but smile, "Sounds like fun."

A little bit later, at the end of the scenario, Mazal had quite a laugh with Thoran. He proved himself to be a worthy adversary it was a tie between the two of them. They both found each other face to face, each with their weapons pointed at the other.

"Okay, let's get a drink, and call it a day," she said clapping her hand on his shoulder as they left the holosuite.

Thoran returned the laugh, "A well earned one at that. My shoulder still stings from where you tagged me."

"My smarts as well, but it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot. " Mazal exclaimed. "And it proves to me that we have another good asset to our team. Sometime we'll have to do this again." chuckling as they headed away from the Holosuite and to a place to drink.


2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Marine XO

2nd Lieutenant Thoran Shon
Rifle Officer


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