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Posted on 13 Jun 2022 @ 8:36pm by 1st Lieutenant Mazal Falk & Lieutenant Leland Hawksley

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Holodeck, Two
Timeline: After "A Wonderous Place?"


Mazal was walking alone in the Holo-deck, the scene was that of a mountain path amongst pine trees, over looking the dazzling sapphire blue ocean. She had a lot of thoughts going through her mind ones that she was worried about, ones that she was afraid of. Her mind went back towards the first time she had met Ze, Silver and Leland. That formed quite the bond. She remembered when she and Leland had lunch together when Hercules was there.

She wanted to talk with Leland, but not while Hercules was with him. Mazal felt though that if she were to talk with Leland, she'd be interrupting his life with Lilli. Perhaps she needed to be in the presence of the magical nature of Leland. She sent a message to him.

Leland, if you are not busy, would you have a moment or two to talk with me? I do request though don't bring Hercules. If you don't mind. I am currently in the holo-deck-Mazal

She sent the message then walked down the path she was hiking, down towards the beach. Mazal took her shoes off and dug her barefeet into the sand, as she sat on a rock letting the sun shine upon her bare legs, she was wearing a pair of black cargo shorts which were knee length and she had a blue tee shirt and was wearing a hat.

Leland was surprised. Having received a message from Mazal, it seemed rather important. Hawksley turned as he checked in on Lilli. She was tired as their child become more developed over the weeks.

Turning to leave, Leland quickly wrote a message to Lilli, stating that he would meet a friend. It had sounded essential and that he would be back soon. Hercules paced around the doorway.

*O* Hawker. Hawk. Hawk. They were going out; where? Go. *O* Hawksley turned and placed a treat, Hercules’s favorite butter peanuts placating him. Pausing, Leland wondered.

Entering the holodeck, Hawksley looked upward at the sky above. Pristine skies and crisp air had filled his lungs. Closed his eyes, Leland took a moment to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays, smell the pine trees, the fresh air. Hawksley, more curious as to what it was that Mazal had wanted to speak about, he was… Starting to sweat. Not from the trail but from the nervousness. Hawksley knew that the end would find the one and only Mazal. The Four Amigos, a fateful moment leading to long-lasting, deep friendships, brotherhoods.

Hawksley had cocked his heads to the side, figuring that ahead down near the shore in the clearing was indeed Mazal. Following the trees along the coastal waters and beach, Leland slipped off his pair of sneakers and chose to take the same steps along with Mazal's footprints, meeting her sitting at the outcropped rock, near the shore.

In doing so, his larger feet had sasquatched over the petite, lighter imprints in the sand that Mazal had left. Hawksley was wearing his usual pair of cargo shorts, and white classic crisp-tee, and a cotton zipper hoodie.

“Hey.” Hawksley turned up beside Mazal at the rock. “Mazal. What’s.” Leland met Mazals brown eyes, light in the sun, her face bright as always, her face kind. Welcoming. “What is the message about?” Leland touched the pad with his strong hand, thick veins through his tried, trusted knuckle sandwiches.

Mazal's head lifted slightly as if sensing that someone had entered into the holo-deck, almost a sense that someone who has spent time in training in the arts of fighting, honed. She could 'feel' when Leland neared where she sat and her eyes met his.

Rising from where she was seated, Mazal turned and took a step or two towards Leland and then she embraced him, just feeling the need for one from him. It had been way too long, too long since that warm embrace when they first met. She hadn't requested one when they met for that nice lunch, and she met Herc. She was slightly shy and didn't want to make things look bad for Leland at that lunch. T
hen that mission that they had been on, brought to her mind, how erratic it has been for them to interact, and they were friends. She recalled having a slight moment of disappointment when she had figured out that he already had someone in his life. She wasn't about to ruin that at all for him. And was glad that she wasn't that sort of person, one who will take someone from another person, she was getting to know. Oh so complicated.

"My message, I wanted to talk to you, needed to talk to you. Needed one of these." Mazal not stepping back from him. Once again she was aware of how sturdy his body was, the warmth emanating from him, warmth just like his personality. Like a piece of the sun.

Hawksley happily enjoyed the embrace. Curiously, he thought as he embraced happily like a bear with paws around Mazal standing tall. Leland didn’t say anything. Shoulders, sturdy like a friend, any friend would afford. They understood, they knew.

There was no denying the feelings Leland had for Mazal. He breathed, outward relaxing, just standing there, feeling the breeze by the shore, as his eyes imagined. HIs chin almost met the bridge of Mazal’s face, as he held. A different time, a different future. The Marine XO Mazal was an outstanding Officer, Mentor and Friend, the Amigos. Hawksley swallowed, his Adam's apple wetting his mouth and throat.

Mazal stood there, just listening to the waves that rolled into the shore, hearing the beating of Leland’s heart, she didn’t want to break the silence at that moment. Then she lifted her eyes towards his, tilting her head slightly upwards, her lips just barely a hair’s breadth away from his.

“Thank you for… coming.” the words sent a slight amount of air against his lips. She should move, but she didn’t want to, no not yet. She couldn’t seem to move no, not yet. Her eyes searched his, a small furrow forming in her brow, she moistened her lips, feeling nervous.

Hawksley standing there, the lips hovered over each other. The moisture, the warmth of their breath. Just becoming intermixed between them, and swept away in the breeze of the ocean. Planting his lips, feeling his energy. HIs body connected. A jolt, an explosion in Hawksleys head setting off as he only furthered, his lips becoming a sensuous connection inside to Mazal, her energy which he, Hawksley could feel, inside of him in return. He breathed inward in the kiss, smelling Mazal’s light smell…purple, lilac.

Her eyes had widened in surprise but she fell into the kiss, she had wanted this, unbeknownst to her, she craved a kiss from him. The intensity, the fervor she felt, the connection of their mouths then the kissing turned to something like a slow dance. With just their lips.

It was almost as if they were communicating through this moment, a moment stolen out of time itself. She pressed herself even closer against Leland, her arms wrapped around him tightly. His scent to her was like that of freshly cut wood, maybe mixed with the heady scent of pine.

With some reluctance her lips drew away from his, as Mazal looked once more into Leland's eyes. She couldn't speak for a moment, her gaze intense. Oh how she wanted to kiss him once more. But did she dare? Perhaps she shouldn't. Her lips reached once more for him, her lips connecting with Leland’s wanting one more taste. Then she drew back once more, “Perhaps we should talk now.” She whispered, looking into his eyes.

Leland inside had felt like a cord was ripped out of an EPS conduit which fueled his lifeline. His brown eyes searched Mazal’s. Why, why now? A swift feeling of emotions flowed through Leland, flushing him with passion, such passion. “Mazal…” He held her close.

Hawksley flushed embarrassed. Leaning inward this time, closer to just the two of them. Leland imparted such tenderness, fondness for Mazal, as he gently nuzzled his nose along Mazal’s. He wanted to kiss Mazal. Oh! God! He wanted so much.

“We should… Stop…” His eyes watching Mazal’s lips, moist, warm, so close. Instant contact. One more… As Leland gently massages his lips to Mazals, oh so lightly. Teasingly, as he breathed. Hawksley imparted his deep emotions to Mazal's with more vigor as Hawk placed a hand to the side to Mazal’s face, gentle. Paying her subtle, moist, warm. It was torture!

The taste, the thrill, the intoxicating kisses. The passions that collided within her. This made her feel weak in the knees almost buckling under her. She held onto Leland to steady herself, then Mazal ran her hands along Leland's back to his waist then up once more. Her hand moved to trace its way along his muscular arm to his gentle but strong hand, the hand that had his wedding band resting upon it. She paused, recalling what he said just minutes ago. They should stop.

A quick intake of her breath, her eyes flaring wide, Mazal couldn't allow this to continue any further. A last lingering kiss, then she pulled away slowly. A tear trickled down her cheek, she could feel her cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

"Oh Leland, I am sorry." her voice was quiet and low, as she covered her face with one hand. Not daring at the moment to look into his eyes. How could she have done this to him? To Ze?

She looked back at Leland, her breathing a bit labored, due to the emotions she was feeling. “There are strong feelings here, I wasn’t aware of those until the away mission. And then memories flooded my mind. That connection with us four. It was so mighty, so energetic, so…magical.” Mazal swallowed hard to stop the lump that was developing in her throat. “Leland, I question my worth as being someone to be loved.”

Leland was shocked to hear that statement from Mazal. He was saddened to hear that and immediately took a seat down beside her. “Mazal. How dare you say that? You’re deserving of the purest, truest love out there. And… Hawksley breathed outward. As it was torture, he had strong feelings for Mazal, but he was committed. He loved Amelia. He had strong feelings for Mazal. This was lust, but it was the truth.

“You speak the truth Mazal. That night. We had a moment with friends which became much more beautiful…” Leland is still processing the kiss through his mind, his body racing still. He swallowed, calming down his passion. “We have to take our paths. I have a child on the way. Human nature is what it comes down to. Do we wish to be ashamed that we shared a kiss?” Leland gazed into his gentle eyes to Mazal's, not wanting to see Mazal take on such a burden, from what they had… Kissed.

She wrapped her arms around Leland once more, just feeling the need. “No, we do not need to feel shame for sharing the kisses. Especially since we didn’t continue any further even though there was… a desire there.” Mazal’s face showed signs of embarrassment once more. “Leland, I know you are surprised by what I said. In truth I have felt that way.” She stopped then remarked, “Congratulations where the baby is concerned.” a genuine smile there then it slipped away.

“Leland, I am frightened about something, I found out that there is someone interested in me, someone who told me that he loved me and I am questioning myself a lot. And thinking of what if’s. They say confession is good for the soul, truth shall set you free. I don’t know if I should tell you but I am someone who is upfront, even if it may hurt someone. Even if it hurts me.” she swallowed hard, “When we first met that fateful day, that glorious day. I was attracted to you. Not only you but the other two. There was such a connection more so than what I even knew. However you at that time and even more so, are involved with a sweet wonderful woman. If you weren’t with her, I would have liked to have been with you.” her head lowered to where she looked at the sand which sparkled slightly in the sun, letting her toes wriggle in the sand.

Then she continued in a soft voice.

“Ted and I spoke, and it was agreed that he and I would just be friends with hugs on occasions. Then there is Tosrol.” she stopped there, lifting her head up to look into Leland’s eyes. “He called me to his room and.. and… he told me how he felt.”

Hawk listened to Mazal. He smiled, sharing his own happiness. He was not a sad married man. He truly meant every word, that he loved Lilli. Mazal explained her feelings, the situation eloquently. For Leland were harder to explain. Feelings were not engineering components. They didn’t come with a manual. Leland watched Falk gently wriggled her toes into the golden sand. The gentle wave from the shore slowly washing away.

The first point of their conversation is the feelings between each other. Leland understood. He understood the consequences that they could not act on those, as did, of course, Mazal. The second part of their conversation. Mazal had wanted to be with him out of the men she had fancied he blushed. “Mazal. I know, I would be so happy to be that man, and you know it too. I am, however, abhorrently opposed to you seeing this. This Tosrol. Who is this man?!” Leland broke into a joke, chuckling. “Tosrol. That bad old boy, hunh?” Leland joked, poking.

“The Amigos. It makes sense, Mazal.” His face blushed still from feeling like the luckiest guy to have been chosen by Mazal. He felt flattered, of course, what man wouldn’t. “Ted and Tos, you know how I, we feel about them. I would be ecstatic either way for you and him.”

Leland took Mazal’s hand as he slipped off his shoes. “Hey. Cummon. Let’s go for a walk. This sunset is gorgeous. As Friends. Excellent friends.” Hawk swallowed that comment, knowing it was now the point move. There was no point in wasting good holodeck time.

Hawksley began walking along the shores, the waves flowing upward the long winding miles of beach ahead on the horizon as far as the eye could see. The skies out on the horizon to the ocean towards infinity. As Leland walked, he thought walking in the cool sand, the waves and misty smells of the sea rising amongst the coastline. “This is… Surreal.” Leland breathed inward as he looked upward, seeing the white seagulls flying around in sauntering circles. The sunset had a colored grey and red glow.

“I want you to be my God Mother for our Child. I have not spoken to Lilli about it. But I am sure she would approve. She likes you a lot Mazal.” Hawksley added. “We would be proud to have you as our child’s God Mother. But she is not even born yet. Listen to me.” He laughed, releasing pent-up stresses as they walked along the coast, able to talk together again like this… It felt good.

“Lilli has this crazy operation with our baby.” It was risky since Lilli and Hawk had a hybrid child, betazoid/romulan, and human. “When we get back from our next mission. It must be on a starbase facility. Because our child is a hybrid of betazoid/Romulan and me human.” He was at a loss for answers to its genetics and why.

Leland felt like he could speak everything to Mazal. Even Tosrol. But with Lilli, he didn’t want to scare her because of causing her stress over an unborn child.

Mazal could feel herself still feeling the buzz from the kissing they did, his lips were so potent… won’t happen again, the kisses… She gave a deep sigh, they were even more so. She shook her head coming back to where they were….
Mazal chuckled at Leland’s teasing, “Yes Tosrol.” enjoying walking with Leland along the shore, feeling the water ebb and flow on the sand, kissing their bare feet. And filling the imprints in the sand. She could feel her own stress start to leave as she relaxed more, with her hand being held by Leland. She cast a look at Leland when he mentioned the possible aspect of her being a godmother. “You want me to..?” her eyes widened, “If Lilli is willing I am agreeable to it. I feel honored that you would ask me.”

Her thoughts went again to Tosrol.” You approve of me being with Tos? I know you and he are very good friends. I didn’t know he really liked me.. It's amazing, it scares me. I’ve put off being involved with anyone, due to my being a marine and there is the possibility of my not coming home.” she pushed back a strand of hair that came undone from her hairband, Mazal also realized she was no longer wearing her hat. Realizing this, she released her dark hair to where it was now free. She was feeling light once more, it was once again due to Leland. She released his hand and ran forward a few steps, stretching out her arms to both sides of her and turned slowly around, as if bathing in the colors of the sunset. Then with a laugh she raced back to Leland and threw her arms around him, “Thank you Leland. You are truly marvelous, and magical.”

“Of course I approve of Tos.” Leland had beamed. He would stick up for his best friend.

Leland laughed. He hadn’t seen Mazal this way before. It was amusing and fun, just how it should be. Leland wrapping his large hands tightly, a slow hug as he held his hands slow and easy to touch.
Spending time and understanding with Mazal the intricacies of that fateful night at the Bar. All three of them which Mazal was the glue holding them all. “Thank you for you!!” Hawksley teared single from his non-bionic eye. She was so damn understanding. It was dangerous. Dangerous.

Reeling back as Leland began running forward along the beach, turning back. This time as he slapped his khaki thighs, half wet from the ocean water. “Cummon Baby!!” He laughed. “Run Mazal!!!! RUN!” He shouted as loud as he could as excited as he could.

Anticipating… Anticipating, Hawksley’s bionic eye calculated perfectly how to lift upward Mazal, sky high… “Reach for Us!!” He lent his hugest anticipatory face fixated. Seeing her body, her smooth movements racing, as Mazal ran toward’s Leland. Grasping tightly at Mazals weight and transferring that locomotive forces towards her upwards skyhigh lift. Hawksley holding Mazal there, as he then circled around the beach to a gentle set down.

Mazal lifted her arms up towards the sky, her supple waist bent backwards, smiling and feeling the thrill. He was so strong and to her, this was one of the most perfect unplanned freestyle dance she’d ever been a part of. When Leland gently set her down on the sand, Mazal placed her head upon his shoulders, wrapping her arms around him once more, feeling her heart beating.

She at first didn’t want to break the moment, not just yet, then she lifted her head to gaze into his eyes.
‘You are truly magical, Leland, I will always remember this. It is embedded into my heart’s memory,” she intertwined her fingers with his and placed his hand over her heart, “Can you feel that, the song, our song, of us friends, more than friends, yet not lovers. A deep, deep connection.” She lightly brushed her lips across his, for this was and will be, the last time they will kiss like they had before.

A kiss upon the cheek will have to suffice, for they will be with their loved ones, the ones they have been drawn to. Perhaps somewhere in another reality, Leland and Mazal were together. In this reality though, two people whom they care deeply for, were waiting for them. Tosrol for Mazal, and Lilli for Leland.

Leland did feel it. He felt the energy of Mazal. Her eyes radiated that connection, as friends. But not lovers. He felt this. They had a path to lead their own ways. Lilli for Leland and as it were Tos, the greatest guy with Mazal.
Hawk lent his forehead downward to Mazals as he held her hands. It was a moment. This needed to be felt and passed.

A feeling of warmth spread throughout Mazal, like someone putting a blanket around her, she felt more at peace and felt like she was worthy of something more, “Thank you, Leland.” she murmured softly. “You have restored something in me that seemed to have disappeared, many many months ago, before I joined the Tomcat.” A tear dropped down upon their joined hands, it was a tear of happiness along with one of relief. She felt she could forgive herself for the death of her companion who had saved her and the others on her team.

Leland burst into a bucket. A literal full grown man. HIs tears streamed downward, as he sucked inward trying to stop this sound. This hick up? Was it CRYING. It was crying. What had been said, emotionally zapped him to his core. Mazal was beautiful. She deserved, just like Lilli deserved total devotion. “I am…. So Happy. To hear that.” He sniffled bringing his burst to an abrupt ending. He sniffled. Straitened up, and looked away a moment before turning back 85% the better now. “That hit me what you said, Mazal. Thank you. I think I needed you too.” He smiled. He was happy now, just knowing Mazal was on the same vessel. The boiling of possibilities no matter how scandalous could have been, simmered and cooled to a solid foundation of friendship. This, this could be accomplished.

“Friends forever, close friends someone I can talk to and not hide anything from.” Mazal giving a teary eyed smile. “Don’t worry I won’t be hiding anything from Tos either.” giving a lighthearted laugh. “I feel so much lighter now I can almost fly.” giving a giggle.

“I will as well.” Leland nodded knowing full well every word was true and beautiful. A great friend lasts. “I should head back. Lilli will be wondering. And… I need a talk with her that will be uncomfortable, but she will understand I hope?” Not that he was in love with Falk and not his own Wife. Hawksley was just as committed as Falk was to her evolving relationship with Tos.

2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Marine XO


Lt. Jg. Leland Hawksley
Deputy Chief Engineer
USS Tomcat


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