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A Night that will be remembered

Posted on 25 May 2022 @ 9:08pm by Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne
Edited on on 25 May 2022 @ 9:29pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various
Timeline: After Current Mission


With the Tomcat back at base, Lamia was looking forward to spending some time with Chris. She understood the need to be professionals when working, but she missed their closeness when they were together. Making her way down to marine country, as it was affectionately known, she smiled as she passed by other marine personnel finally pausing by the doorway of the firing range.

Chris had just finished in the ship's gym and was still sweaty and with a towel over his shoulder and sweat dripping over his adequately muscular torso, head and face which he was in the process of wiping when *thump* he bumped into his Imzadi, looking up surprised "Mia, could not wait huh?" He asked her as she was standing there just as surprised by bumping into him so suddenly, even knowing this is where he might be.

“I most certainly could not.” Mia grinned as she took hold of the corner of his towel and wiped away a few beads of perspiration that were trickling down his neck. “I’m hoping we can get some time off together.”

Nodding in agreement "could I at least freshen up first Lieutenant?" He asked as some rifles passed by looking admiringly at Lamia, they quickly looked away when Kildare gave them a look that said 'hands off' he returned his attention to Mia "you are taking a risk being down here so soon after a mission, this place is filled with wolves not sheep" he said with a friendly smile "and a foxy lady like you is attracting attention" he said raising his left eyebrow.

“Ohh am I now?” Lamia grinned a wry grin. “Well, I only have eyes for you Imzadi. Besides I like you to be the man that everyone else envies.”

Looking furtively around "of that milady you have succeeded, I have never known so many males to have blood flowing faster than a Ferengi's panicked mewling in fright, we need to get you out of this area!" he said light-heartedly.

Lamia grinned. “Then lead on my brave protector!” She walked alongside him nodding politely to those they passed on their way. She couldn’t help but grin when someone playfully wolf-whistled.

"Less of that if you will Jenssen, or I will make your life a living hell," Kildare said as they walked out of the current male infested area, Chris was wondering where all the female Riflemen had gone to, before long they were in a corridor all alone "so Mia how panicked were you down on the planet when we had to split up?" Chris asked.

“Well, I wasn’t...” Lamia paused giving Chris a smile. “Okay I was a little worried at first, but we both have our jobs to do. I can’t always rely on being teamed up with you. Besides after what happened you helped me by teaching me how to accept and face my fears.”

He nodded his acknowledgement as they entered the lift "You know Mia there are so few suites on this tub, I think there is one still spare, you want to speak to the Captain at some point and see if you can secure it for us to move in together?" He asked out of the blue.

Lamia looked at Chris in surprise. “Are you serious!?” Her smile practically shone. “I’d love to move in with you!! I’ll talk to the Captain as soon as I can, but right now I just want to spend some uninterrupted time together.”

"Sorted, let me go and get changed and I will meet you at your quarters, does that sound good to you? Besides a single bunk room with five others is not conducive to alone time!" Kildare said as the lift doors closed "deck 6" he said and the lift whisked them to the requested destination.

Lamia nodded. “Sounds good to me handsome” She moved closer before leaning in for a passionate kiss. She let it linger before pulling back. “That’s just a taster of what’s yet to come, don’t keep me waiting too long.”

After the kiss he looks at the reader with a knowing oh boy look, then looks at Lamia "I am actually looking forward to it" he said as he pulled her in for another long kiss.

Lamia returned the kiss eagerly. “Be careful... I’m charged up.” She grinned. “It seems those on the planet undergo a ritual charging in a pool of eels to prepare themselves for the conception of the next generation.” She grinned a wry grin. “As part of the ritual I had to go in the pool.”

He gulped and again gave the reader an 'Oh Boy look' before returning his attention to Lamia "okay! so wild time ahead" he paused as the lift doors opened "this is my stop I will see you in an hour, your quarters?" He asked.

Lamia nodded. “An hour it is, don’t keep me waiting!” She grinned a wry grin before heading off down the corridor.

Stepping out behind her Chris looked at her departing back, did she have a spring in her step! Her time down there must have been good if she was like this now "Oh boy I am in for an interesting night" Chris said to himself as he headed the other way to his quarters, he just hoped the sonic shower in his quarters was free.


Lt Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Counsellor

Sgt Maj Christopher 'Maverick' Kildare [P: Somers]
95th Rifle Demolitions


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