The Charge Remains

Posted on 23 Jun 2022 @ 12:12pm by Lieutenant Leland Hawksley & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Hawksley

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Deck 03, The Hawksley's
Timeline: Before "Awards Ceremony"


Hawksley had found himself in an awkward position on the mission. Granger, one of the local inhabitants of the World, found Leland suitable for the subsequent ‘emergence.’ The emergence was a pairing of two. Hawksley already was pared with his mate, Lilliana, back on the Tomcat.

Feeling anxious, in more ways than one, Hawksley had one thing on his mind. Discharging!

Breathing more labored as he walked back to the Hawksley’s Quarters, Leland hoped Lilliana would be off shift. She worked as a dedicated Marine medic onboard, and Leland was so proud! He had his nurse, one who would nurse him through his current. Charges!

Lilli has heard that Leland was back onboard, wrapping up her shift she was very much looking forward to seeing her husband now he was finally back onboard.

Leland pressed the door chime, already hearing from within Hercules. ~o~ Hawker. Hawk. Hawwwww… Home, Home Man! ~o~

Chuckling as the doorway opened, revealing an eager canine on the other side. Hercules’s bright golden large tail swished back and forth across the carpet. “Herc!!! It’s me. I’m home, buddy.” Leland smiled, his old friend, as he knelt at the door to place his large hands and scratch behind his ears… “Where Lilli…. Where’s Lilli!” He asked, his eyes scanning the room.

Shortly afterwards the door slid open, the moment Lilli set eyes on Leland she practically ran into his arms. “Imzadi!! I’ve missed you!!!” She wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him passionately.

The feeling, the taste, the warmth. Lilli was that femininity in Leland’s life; Lilli gave passionate, excellent tongue-twisting kisses. Fun and Games were on Hawksley’s mind as he eyed Lilli with an aggressive undertone as he broke their kiss… Whispered behind her ear what he wanted to do to her!

Lilli couldn’t help but let out a playful growl as she listened to what Leland had in mind. “Mmmm I can hardly wait! Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll put on something you’ll like.”

Hawksley spanked at Lilli’s bum and then goosed it. He loved it. He loved Lilliana and her attentiveness. She also sported the best ladies’ lingerie that Leland saw fit on a woman. His wife’s body and mind! Imzadi was special. It meant that Leland was Lilli’s soul mate. This he referred to her in kind. “My Imzadi. Forgive me, for I have had dirty thoughts.”

“It’s alright Imzadi” Lilli called from the bedroom as she slipped out of her clothes and into Leland’s favourite lingerie set.

Hawksley took a drink from their replicator, a shot glass of whiskey. He sipped it. And then set it aside as he peeked in next to their Bedroom. Leland slipped up off his uniformed tunic off away team gunk.

He peeped in on his Wife as he licked his lips, as Lilli daintily placed on the Lingerie, she had chosen… He was a stalker, a red-blooded male in heat. He was a tiger.

“You can stop peeking now!” Lilli grinned as she stepped towards the doorway playfully standing there for Leland to see. “I put on your favourite set...”

From full-on peeking, Hawksley swooned in on Lilli. He watched her scandalous wear just for his eyes. He loved it. Every moment with his Wife. Their Sex would be no different once a child was in the picture. I hope our child is a deep sleeper cause I’m still a profound lover!”

“Look at you…. Your lace…” He gently painstakingly toyed as he leaned in, breathing inward the smell of Lilli’s hair, and releasing with a groan.

Lilli’s smooth skin and black laced back bra ran his fingers along lovingly. Leland leaned in to place a gentle kiss on her belly and a gentle rub in the center. “I know you are not showing; God, your body is perfect. But I must let her or him know… We’ll take it easy for baby!” Leland felt a bit odd. The first time with Lilli after finding out she was indeed pregnant with their child. “Lilli, I don’t want to… Erm… Hurt the process inside...”

Lilli smiled understandingly. “Don’t worry Imzadi, there’s nothing you can do that would hurt our baby.” She was enjoying his touch and his kisses turned her on in a way only Leland could make her feel.

Hawk kissed the side of her left shoulder and laid his Wife on the bed, now back to rest as Hawksley lay aside and caressed, her garter belts lower and lower, as he leaned over Lilli closer and closer… Lilli felt a gentle, smooth, warm, and titillating as he gently suckled on Lillis’s breast and caressed lower to neither region as he watched laser-like Lilli’s baby blues.

Lilli sighed with passion and contentment, Her breathing becoming ever more excited as Leland’s touch heightened her passion. Her fingers ran through his hair as his lips met her breast.

Leland felt his wife’s skin sensually, her warmth, her tenderness. Gently, smooth, and effortless, he undressed Lilliana’s lingerie. Between deep sensual tongue kisses that seemed to search for each other’s souls. Each soul, Leland, and Lilli mated in moments of silence within their Quarters.

A Gasp, a touch Leland planted deep within his wife himself, holding her in his grasp, warmth, and protection. Leland wouldn’t expect Lilli to understand now, but he needed her to know how much he treasured his wife and their soon-to-be baby. Tension, muscles are building and contracting, releasing, contracting…

Orgasms achieved. Shuttering. Sweaty. An Exhale of bliss.

Lilli was in seventh heaven as she lay breathing heavily in Leland’s arms. “I love you Imzadi. I was so worried about you when you were down on the surface.”

Leland lay there, smiling. Lilliana was a sight as she lay next to him, draped in his forearm, and leaned in closely. He was snug just up to Lilli’s body as their naked heat kept each other’s warmth.

Hawksley leaned down a bit meeting at Lilliana’s head and kissed it as they lingered with each other in their bed. “I love you, my Imzadi,” Leland spoke hugging her.

“I know.” He spoke. “I am back now. There is no need to worry when I leave. I am a big guy, I can take care of myself love.” Hawksley found it precious that she would worry, but not that he would want Lilliana to! “On future missions, we can have intra-ship communications. This was a blind mission op.” Lilli already knew full well.

“I still need to tell Mazal that I’m pregnant, I haven’t gotten around to it yet.”

When he heard the name Mazal come out, Leland almost froze. It was something he had to talk to Lilli about, but here? Now? He paused. His Imzadi was someone to whom he was 100 percent open. This was not going to be hidden! Nor, had he intended.

“I kissed Mazal.” Leland spoke, when he did his voice wavered. It showed the weakness and pathetic Ness that he felt. His own wife deserved more from her new Husband.

Lilli looked surprised. “If we’re being honest... I spent a night with Jane while you were away.” She hung her head. “I’m sorry!”

"You spent the night..." Leland paused. HIs mind suddenly frozen. "Wait, whoah. I... You mean in bed?"

Lilli nodded. “We had a... encounter on the holodeck, one thing lead to another and we...” She sighed. “I shouldn’t have done it, I won’t blame you for kissing Mazal, I did worse.”

He paused. He again. "Slept. Slept. Together. Jane. Wait Jane?!" He was now confuzzled deeply. "I... Well.... Let's call it a draw, cause frankly you've just turned me on further."

Lilli grinned. “Ohh have I now?” She leant in for a passionate kiss. “Perhaps I should tell you more about it then!” She started whispering in his ear just what happened with Jane in full descriptive detail.

Leland was beside himself. His eyes were boggled at the naughty shenanigans that Lilli had with Jane. He was more surprised that Lilli and Jane would meet up, but that was quite the show it would have been.

“Your love becomes my love, Imzadi.” Leland, now in a helpless mindset of pure female on female relations, just sent him to another planet. He leaned in for a kiss to Lilli only to have a finger holding his kiss in place-“

“Patience Imzadi” Lilli grinned as she playfully held her husband back.

“Mff, many…. So No Kisss..” Leland muffled through the finger, letting his tongue lick at it for fun, to see Lilli squirm.

Lilli withdrew her finger with a grin. “Yuck!!! If you’re going to do that at least do it properly!” She grinned as she demonstrated on one of his fingers in a very seductive manner, before leaning in for a passionate kiss.

Leland grinned as he tasted the kiss. Lilli always had the sweetest, most delicate angel lips. His chest fluttered each time... And she made his fire ignite deep within, every time.

"Your.... Your too good to me my Imzadi." Leland now licked his lips flashing his eyes up a bit in true naughtieness that only Lilli ever had seen. Only in their bedroom. He took her hand in to his and then placed it on his chest.

"I want you... To feel free... To do..... Whatever.... You Want..." Hawksley narrowly could have sent out a morse code to Lilli. He burst into horny deep grin. "Im sorry, you've turned me on since you said hello at the Doorway."

Lilli grinned a wry grin. “In that case...” Taking Leland’s hand she guided him towards the bedroom. Pausing at the bedroom door she let go of his hand, and teasingly paused to slide out of her lingerie, letting it drop onto the floor before backing into the bedroom. “Come and get me!!”