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Heading off, it shall be done.

Posted on 24 May 2022 @ 8:32pm by Lieutenant JG Faith Benson
Edited on on 24 May 2022 @ 9:24pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Faith already had previously had her personal effects sent ahead of her departure date. They should be on the Tomcat already. That didn't change the fact she was well behind in joining them. Given the schedule of the Transport Katan didn't coincide with her effects schedule.

At least now, everything was ready to go. So Faith went ahead and beamed over to one of the civilian transport, ports. So that she could get going. She waited patiently to get things checked that she had on her. Using a little pull for the fact they were curious. Considering it was a big case, she was cleared to have it as long as it was stored in the cargo hold. She double-checked the bow and quiver first. Letting them take it back. Coming on board and just picked a spot as close to the cargo hold as she could.

She figured it should be an uneventful trip, just it was going to belong, however. There wasn't much to do either, except read up on some of the documentation she needed to either brush up on, or that was new for the new posting. Faith also could work on one of her holo-novels a bit more.

That was certainly going to give her time, and some of the layovers because of just how far it was from Earth to Mira and then Starbase 51. Faith already knew she would probably just stay on the Katan for each layover. As long as she could get something to eat and the like. Shower on those, it was no big deal.

It wasn't particularly fun having to be on it for months, but at least there were the stations. She could go on there when she really needed to. Faith also did like seeing the group of people and races on each one when they got into different sectors. She could listen to things, or people sometimes. Try the cuisine or show some of the ones she knows and cooks them.

Once the ship after nearly two months, Faith finally got her things, carrying them off of the Katan. The first place she went was to send a message to the Master at Arms that she was there. Whom she had to report. Even if she was exhausted. She shouldn't be, given her history, but she was. Getting it done first was better, then she could just go pass out.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Faith Benson
Assistant Chief Security Officer/Assistant Chief Tactical Officer


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