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The investigation begins.

Posted on 25 May 2022 @ 6:50am by Lieutenant JG Ted Silver & Ensign Teton

Mission: S03 Ep 04 Captive State (Incidental)
Location: Security and Main Science Lab.
Timeline: Just after events mentioned in jp: Not catching me at my best.

[ ON ]

-Main Science Lab-

Ted returned to the science lab a little later on. The incident with the electronic microscope bothered him. Somehow it had found its way onto the Tomcat. But why?

Was it placed here to throw a spanner in the works? Disrupt the efficiency of the science department. Could it be a direct attack on himself or Thompson. By making them look foolish with its erroneous data? Could it just be a case of being on the wrong vessel? Maybe it was never meant to be here on the Tomcat. Answers that needed questions. But this was not something for the science department to pursue.

Security needed to be informed.

-Security Office-

Teton had just finished putting away his phaser rifle when his comm. badge gave a chirp.

“ Security here.” He replied

“=/\= We need some assistants in the main science lab. Could you send someone please?=/\=“ Ted asked

“ To whom am I conversing with?” Teton asked.

“=/\= This is Silver.=/\=“ Ted replied

Teton had heard of this human.

“ Lieutenant junior grade Edward Silver of the science department. How can we in security be of service to you.” Teton replied

“ =/\= Actually it's Ted. Anyway I need to show you something we have in quarantine. Could you come along please?=/\=“ Ted said

“ I have no current tasks to prevent my passage to your science laboratory. I shall endeavour to be at your location in 5 minutes.” Teton said

“=/\= Good. Silver out.=/\=

Teton wondered if the rumours of this human were true. Well he was about to witness Silver in the flesh. So he would see.

-Main Science Lab-

Actually to the second five minutes later.Ted sat and typed some code onto a padd. He heard the doors swoosh open. Looking around he saw the Andorian walk into the science lab. Standing he greeted the security officer.

“ Ensign Teton. Welcome to the main science lab. Your on time.” Ted said

“ As a Starfleet officer assigned to security it is always. The most prudent duty is to be on time. When a specific time has been agreed with a senor officer.” Teton replied

oO Typical Andorian. Why waste one word when a hundred will do.Oo Ted thought.

“ Well it’s this way behind this quarantine field.” Ted said aloud.

He then went on to explain the events that led. To Silver and Thompson’s discovery.

“ So you and Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Matthew Thompson. Have placed the electronic microscope in quarantine. Until it’s true nature has been established and whether the electronic microscope was indeed intended for the Tomcat main science laboratory.” Teton replied

oO Does this guy ever draw a breath?Oo Ted thought

“ Yes. You have it in a nutshell?” Ted replied.

“ Why would I place the electronic microscope inside a hardened shell of the kernel of a nut?” Teton asked, confused.

“ It’s just an old Earth saying. I am just saying you have grasped what has happened so far.” Ted replied

“ An old Earth saying. Interesting indeed. But as always with such phrases are impractical. I shall begin an investigation. Once this has been completed. You shall be informed of our findings. I shall now begin.” Teton said and began scanning the Electronic Microscope.

Ted decided he was hungry.

“ I am going off to the mess hall. Unless you need me for anything?” He said standing.

The Andorian shook his head and carried on scanning.

Giving a shrug, Silver left.

Humans. Their manner of speech was far too lax in Teton's view. Once his scans were complete. The Andorian prised the electronic microscope open and looked inside. Using a pair of gloves he pulled some of the inner workings out. After a thorough inspection. He placed the items back.

Using his security code he accessed the quartermasters supply list. Something did not look correct to him. Teton double checked his findings.

Yes there was definitely an error here. He needed to consult with others. So standing up he left the science lab.


Lieutenant (jg) Ted Silver
Deputy Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat


Ensign Teton (NPC Silver)
USS Tomcat


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