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Awards Ceremony Part 2

Posted on 21 Jun 2022 @ 4:10pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant JG Tosrol Ze & Lieutenant JG Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & Lieutenant JG Ted Silver & 1st Lieutenant Mazal Falk

Mission: S03 Ep 04 Captive State (Incidental)
Location: USS Tomcat Flight Deck
Timeline: After Departmental Changes Parts 1&2


Awards Ceremony Time...

Now that everyone was present the inner flight deck doors to the corridor were shut and Colonel Somers stepped up to the podium and activated the microphone "Welcome Tomcatians, first off I want to congratulate you all for a mission well done, I know it was cut short and there is still some things to complete down on the planet. I see people have started to help themselves to the food and drink, that was meant for after the ceremony *sigh* anyway I will be calling a select number of you onto this stage, now those who are called up here will be the ones getting extra Awards, but for everyone who took part in the main mission and The Rescue mission you all automatically get a General Participation Award, this award will not be given to those who are called forward as by now that medal would have been placed in your quarters" she paused.

"So, to start things off, I would like to Award Fleet Captain Somers, with the Purple Heart, for going through what she went through in recent events she has earned this," the Colonel said as Lucy gently placed the Medal onto the frail Captain's uniform, she looked a little healthier but was still a little gaunt. As Lucy stepped back the Colonel joined the crowd with applause and the Captain gave a wan smile and a nod of thanks.

When the applause died down "Okay, would the following Officers please step forward and up onto the stage, in a line" the Colonel Began "Lieutenant Commanders Dodd, Cahill, Lieutenant's Donovan, Arderne, Thompson Lieutenant's Jg Silver, Taggert, Ze, Sinclair, Hawksley, Ensign Sh'shraaqir, 2nd Lieutenants Shon and Falk and Warrant Officer K'Muss, would all of you please step up onto the stage?" The Colonel said.

Dodd was already on the stage so he merely stood up and stepped to the designated place to allow Cahill to stand next to him and so forth.

Lamia stood for a moment before heading up to the stage, pausing to wait for Cahill, and Donovan to go ahead of her in the order in which they were called.

Taggert stood with a little confusion on her face. She hadn't done much on the mission other than getting in trouble with the local authorities and having a little adventure with, well, someone she kind of left out of her official report for the sake of the timeline.

Ted had been in a rush to get here. As he stood Silver hoped he had put his clean uniform on the correct way round. He then followed Lamia and the others onto the stage. Hoping his trousers would not fall down in front of everyone.

Mazal almost choked on the last bite of her pastry when she heard her name called. She caught up to Lamia and whispered to her, "We are overdue to get together to have breakfast." then she went up on stage with the rest.

Matt rose and stood in line next to Aderne, wondering what award he was getting.

As the others had carried on up onto the stage Lamia followed up, offering a polite smile to Somers as she took her place in the line.

While a little sad Paul was happy for those who would get extra awards, but it was at least nice that he got a shiny, he just wondered what is Wife-to-be's mood would be later.

Mazal gave a nod of respect towards Fleet Captain Somers, noting the frail condition she was in.

K'Muss' ears perked up as he heard his name. So he started to head up to the stage, straightening up his uniform as he went. He paid his respects to the Fleet Captain before falling in

Lieutenant Tosrol Ze heard his name, a stunned and bewildered expression crossed the man's face as he stood and made his way to the stage. Ze straightened up his appearance as he stepped up to the stage smiling at the fleet captain and bowing his head in respect he took his place next to K'muss, holding out his fist for the other to bump.

Jane found her place, right between Ze and Hawksley, and awaiting more instructions. She had done good work during the rescue mission but didn't realize she was up for an award! How exciting! She grinned and nodded to familiar faces, giving her friend Leland a quick squeeze on the shoulder as they all took their places.

Taggert stood upon the stage at parade rest, ready for what might happen next.

Serina stood a bit confused, finally moving to go stand with the others. oO I didn't do anything special Oo she thought as she stood at ease.

Cahill put her drink down and went to the stage. She stood at the end where she was highest in rank at parade rest.

Now the chosen had been assembled on stage Colonel Somers approached Lieutenant Commander Dodd "Commander Dodd, as first missions go where you were the one in charge went well, so to go along with the General Participation Award everyone who took part gets, I am proud to award you the following Awards" the Colonel paused as MCPO Armitage came to her side with a small tray with three medals on.

"First off, is the Mission Excellent Award," the Colonel said as she picked the awards/medal up off the tray and pinned it to the Commander's upper right chest. Then she picked up another award "this one is the Good Conduct Ribbon, given in recognition for a job well done, even if the mission was cut short" she said with a smile as she also pinned that award below the first one, then she picked up the last award it was a silver Oak Leaf.

"Centuries ago among the armies of that day, if a soldier committed himself bravely in battle, but not enough to earn a medal or higher recognition, their names would be put forward with a good word from his commander and it was referred to as Mention in Dispatches, there was no physical award for this, but the goodwill that was earned. In today's world, we have an actual award, it originated in the newly reconstituted 95th Rifles, but has since expanded beyond, it came in two grades, Bronze and Silver, obviously, the silver graded one was higher level and it is this Commander Dodd that I proudly award you with the Silver Oak Leaf award, congratulations" the Colonel said as Armitage returned to the table and the Colonel held out her hand in offering.

Dodd stood tall and at attention. As, soon as the Silver Oak Leaf, he saluted and maintained a stern face. He always felt that while in a ceremony as such he should not let emotions factor in and now as the XO, he was certain to be the best of himself Then stepped back to his place in the line after shaking the Colonel's offered hand.

Lamia smiled warmly as she looked toward Remington, it was an award he deserved, and if things were different she would willingly be at his side. As it was she was engaged to Chris, but there was no reason why she couldn’t be proud of Remy.

Hawksley stood proud as he watched Dodd receive his distinction. He was an officer, a mentor, a friend, and a confidant. When Dodd did well, it only made Leland want to break out into cheer. He held himself and clapped heartily with the purest smile on his face at Dodd. At everyone. Leland leaned back to Jane’s ear “You still owe me flight lessons.” Leland spoke quietly.

Next up was Lieutenant Commander Cahill, as Colonel Somers stood in front of the Chief Medical Officer "Commander Cahill I am proud to award you with the Good Conduct Medal" she said as she pinned the Award to the Commander's chest stepped back and offered her hand.

Cahill came forward and accepted the award. She felt she had not done anything special as it was a routine mission. And she was known to have a Pete Mitchell type of personality. She did feel that she got the award for what the team did and not so much as what she did as team leader. She was humbled because she did not expect it as she shook COL Somers's hand.

Matt clapped hard, he never thought commander Cahil would ever win such an award. She was a maverick after all...

Although he was nervous about being in front of the whole crew. Ted clapped as well. It was good to see his fellow crewmates do well.

Jane clapped loudest of all. Though she didn't know her superior officer too well yet, she knew that the senior medical officer deserved the recognition.

Leland smiled heartily clapping with a watch. Cahill deserved this award, and never stopped being off duty. It's all he knew was Cahill and duty. Inspirational.

After shaking the hand of the Chief Medical Officers hand Armitage returned to the table to pick up the next batch, she approached Lieutenant Lamia Arderene pulls out the Good Conduct Award and pins it to her chest then pulls out the Mission Excellence Award and Pins that on too "Lieutenant Arderne, for your service to the Tomcat and to this crew I award you with the Good Conduct and Mission Excellence Award, congratulations" Colonel Somers said stepped back and held out her hand.

“Thank you Colonel” Lamia’s smile practically shone as she shook Somer's hand. She hadn’t been expecting this when she arrived at the ceremony.



Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd
First Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Counsellor

Lieutenant Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer

Lieutenant Matthew Thompson
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Jg. Paul Winchester
Chief of Security/Tactical

Lt Jg Jane Sinclair MD, DVM
Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Chief Engineer

Lt Jg Leland Hawksley
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Jg Torsol Ze
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Jg Ted Silver
Assistant Chief Science Officer

2nd Lt Mazal Falk
Marine Executive Officer

2nd Lt Thoran Shon
Rifle Officer

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir
Chief Intelligence Officer

Warrant Officer K'Muss
Rifles SNCO

Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers]
Acting CO


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